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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Story Snippet: A Lipstick and a Journal.

I breezed into Ulta, a bright and happy place to be. This may have been last October. I had the money (for that moment) to buy a lipstick I'd been wanting: Urban Decay's Lovelight. It was a lovely, shimmering pink.

As I walked to checkout, I noticed a pink display with a stack of journals. I picked one up soft, hot pink, and engraved with Beauty Notes. $5!

When I was in line, I looked down at one lipstick and one journal. That seemed to sum me up pretty well.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Last Day of 32.

My year was a full one. I read 47 books, including plenty of poetry. I managed to swim back toward reading despite cognitive challenges.

I think I've gotten close to both my parents and stepparents. We're all patched together, and it's enough to warm me.

I (Mom) dyed my hair black again, and I grew it out. I love it--I put on red lipstick and feel like Snow White.

I've danced so much with Oliver.

I'm on a different mix of medications right now, and they seem to be working.

I've kept up with my blog--4 or 5 posts a week.

I've experimented with makeup, playing with products I've never really used, such as lip liner, blush, and highlighters. My makeup bag is an arsenal of happiness!

I've fallen for avocados. I eat them every week.

I've worked toward an acceptance of my body and how it has changed.

I've paid down debt.

I've gotten through more trauma.

I've seen so many gorgeous shows, and I saw Phantom from the front row! I'll never forget the wonder of that.

I'm satisfied with this year and eager to start a new one.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

My Weaknesses.

I have trouble resisting the following:
  • Pretty pens
  • Gel eyeliner pencils
  • Avocados
  • Mom's crab dip 
  • Anything with mermaids
  • Valentine's Day d├ęcor
  • Lilac scent
  • Cinnamon scent
  • Vanilla scent
  • Mini soda cans
  • Getting mail
  • Madame Alexander dolls, especially the elegant 10-inch dolls
  • High-quality journals such as Peter Pauper Press 
  • Magic realism
  • Ducklings
  • Saving instead of enjoying
  • Cute stickers
  • Fireside naps
  • Sunshine naps
  • Love notes
  • Chandelier earrings
  • Anything that sparkles
  • Carrabba's Chocolate Dream cake
  • Apple juice
  • Vanilla Dippin' Dots with cookie dough
  • Fairy tales

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Restoration: Week 23.

This past weekend, the boys and I went to Charlotte because my brother was getting baptized. I cried during the baptism, and my dad came over and held me. That was a restorative moment. And I'm happy James experienced restoration too.

I had some good talking time with Mom, which always restores me. Shane brought home a cheesecake to celebrate my upcoming birthday. We had burgers on Saturday night, and Mom had even sliced up some avocado! And Mom gave me some sweet birthday presents: a beautiful Bella Pilar journal, a lovely large mermaid pouch, antique key stickers, sparkly pencils, and a huge set of mermaid tail makeup brushes! Gifts always restore me and the relationship. I feel loved every time I use a gift.

I was happy that we were all there together for James. That felt like restoration too--a kind of family I can accept and appreciate.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Other Reading Seasons.

Currently, I have my literary seasons lined up like this:

Spring: Young adult literature
Summer: Short stories
Fall: Diaries and memoirs
Winter: Children's literature

I'll probably stay with this plan, but I have other ideas for future seasons or months:
  • Pulitzer Prize winners
  • horror
  • general fantasy--fairies, mermaids
  • fairy tales (of any culture)
  • books on writing
  • books about artists
  • books about musical theatre
  • books about bipolar disorder
  • books about autism
  • science fiction
  • movie tie-ins
  • Newberry Award winners
  • biographies
  • humor
  • Christian lifestyle
  • food books
I can plan each year as I wish. I'm still trying to work in as many of these as I can. I don't want to lose sight of any of these genres. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Story of Brr Brr.

Some of you have seen photos over the years of Oliver clutching a Beanie Baby English bull dog. This is how that began.

One day, when Oliver was about a year old, he and Josh were walking out of our apartment building. They met neighbors who had an English bull dog puppy. Oliver, not yet afraid of animals, loved the puppy.

Later, Josh told me about this. Remembering a tub of Beanie Babies (too cute to throw away) I had, I said, "I think I may have that kind of dog. And I did ("Wrinkles"). I dug through the tub and found the puppy. I gave it to Oliver, and it was love at first sight. We're pretty sure he recognized the dog. He held his new puppy and even lay down with it, holding it up for a better look. This was his first interesting in an object attachment.

I started playing with Oliver and his puppy, making Blue's Clues sounds. Eventually, Oliver started imitating me when he wanted his puppy. The "brr brr" sound became the puppy's name.

Oliver was in love. When he went to sleep on his stomach, he would grab Brr Brr and pull him under his chest. Brr Brr was with us for car trips, doctor visits, and sick days. When Oliver lost Brr Brr in the night (often lying on him), we would hear, "Brr Brr?" on the monitor.

Though the intensity of the relationship has calmed down, Oliver still seems to love Brr Brr. And when he sees a photo of an English bull dog, he identifies it as Brr Brr.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Uses for Pouches.

I love little bags--makeup, pencil, and so on. But I have a lot of them. I subscribed to ipsy, a program that mails 5 good-sized, personalized beauty samples each month plus a mini makeup bag, all for $10 a month. Some I love, and some I don't like. I want to find uses for all of them. Here are some ideas:
  • Storage for certain makeup items. I keep my major-glitter items (loose glitter, glitter roll-ons, and such) in an animated Cinderella pouch that I bought as a teenager. I don't have to dig in my main bag for my crazy glitter.
  • Storage for sticky notes. A pink and black ipsy bag holds my sticky flags (especially character flags) and other sizes of sticky notes. They don't get lost and warped in the bottom of a big bag.
  • Storage for current pens. Depending on the design of my current journal, I use certain colors of pens. I gather up all my pens in those colors. Right now, a silver, glittered pouch with mint blue lining (that was a win, ipsy!) holds pink and green pens.
  • Storage for basic pens. I have a pink suede and black lace (ipsy!) pouch dedicated to black- or blue-ink basic pens. I use black pens for lists and prompt responses in my journal, so I can find what I need easily.
  • Sensory distraction kits. One little purse my Mom crocheted for me and a purple-silver pouch she gave me hold items that can help me in a crisis: beauty, sparks for the senses, and reminders. I'll write more about these soon. I love the beautiful packaging even for a gift to myself.
  • Storage catchall for pens. Most of my pen pouches hold a weird variety of writing utensils, such as markers, gel pens, gel highlighters, and so on. If I grab a pouch, like the beautiful purple fairy pouch Mom made for me, I know I'm likely to find something I can use. 
  • Travel makeup bags. As a teenager I found silver bag with black musical notes and hot pink trim, and it now has its own foundation, powder, mascara, and lash curler. I keep it stocked, so I don't forget anything. I usually put the bag and an eyeshadow pallet into the antique blue traincase Mom gave me. 
  • Samples. Sometimes, I use pouches to sort my sample beauty items. I put pretty Papaya Art labels on the pouches, and they go in a decorative box.
  • I've not tried this yet, but I'd like to have a pouch for lip glosses. I might use them more if I could find them easily.
  • I haven't tried this either, but pouches could be a cute alternative to gift wrap. I love functional gift wrapping!
What ideas do you have?