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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

1,000 Joys: Part 12.

  1. Semicolons used correctly
  2. Drinking Sprite and eating Whoppers
  3. An expensive Uniball gold pen
  4. Wild wind during a walk
  5. Writing down a beautiful quotation from a book
  6. Having so much to tell someone
  7. 15 more minutes of sleep
  8. Remembering that I have a master's degree
  9. Pink and gold
  10. Eating movie popcorn with Bruce
  11. The purple eyeshadow Dad bought for me
  12. Memories of Irish step dancing
  13. Remembering our dear friend Kay
  14. Having a Target nearby
  15. Ordering a cheap book
  16. Someone's sort of dedicating a song to me
  17. My blue boots
  18. Oranges, peeled
  19. Seeing someone use something I gave him or her
  20. Pottery Barn Teen catalogs
  21. Betsey Johnson jewelry
  22. Oliver's occasional complete sentences
  23. The Twelve Dancing Princesses, my favorite fairy tale
  24. Songs with lyrics like contemporary poetry
  25. The reprinted fifth reader Mom and Dad gave me when I was ten

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

1,000 Joys: Part 11.

  1. Fairy tale paper dolls
  2. Josh in jeans
  3. Sunshine in the guest room
  4. The sun hitting metallic gold ink
  5. Literacy
  6. Feeling better than yesterday
  7. Memories of "Little Christmas" with Melissa
  8. The continued delight of sparkling gel pens
  9. Slates and slate pencils
  10. My little red antique trunk from my great grandparents
  11. Browsing in an antique store with Mom
  12. Sunset Boulevard with Dad
  13. Gifts in the mail for no reason
  14. Dippin' Dots
  15. The sound of the dishwasher running--accomplishment!
  16. Slim Jims and sunflower seeds on car trips
  17. Reading instead of something else
  18. Non-ugly tissue box designs
  19. Feeling pretty
  20. Memories of my pink chair and canopy
  21. Alone time
  22. Writing while sitting up in bed
  23. Checking multiple items off a to-do list
  24. Writing a wish list
  25. Bits of alone time with Josh

Monday, September 18, 2017

1,000 Joys: Part 10.

  1. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment
  2. A bucket full of crayons
  3. Hardcover books without their jackets
  4. The light pink lining in my purse
  5. Finding something I'd forgotten
  6. No homework!
  7. A seahorse-shaped bookmark
  8. Having kept a journal for more than half my life
  9. Oliver's eating an apple
  10. Big closets
  11. The new World Market that just opened here
  12. Oliver's doing the Hokey Pokey
  13. Tiny seahorse earrings
  14. Having a fireplace
  15. The choice and then feeling of forgiveness
  16. Leaving a big tip
  17. Photos in which I'm clearly happy
  18. Being with someone who loves my nose
  19. Time on my chaise
  20. 100-calorie packs of almonds
  21. Tattoos that are beautiful on other people
  22. Headbands that are beautiful on other people
  23. Mini shopping carts
  24. Oliver in his tiger pants
  25. Silver coins

Sunday, September 17, 2017

1,000 Joys: Part 9.

  1. Cold raindrops on a hot evening
  2. The children's book Stellaluna
  3. The soothing safe green walls at Oliver's therapists'
  4. Newly cleaned-out drawers
  5. Finding a good purpose for a lovely decorative box
  6. My mom's saying a piece of clothing is "seasonless"
  7. Levenger catalogs
  8. The sun warm on my back
  9. Unidentified berries scattered on the road
  10. Quill pens
  11. Gift shops at museums
  12. Having the courage to talk to a salesperson
  13. Indoor plumbing!
  14. How much Oliver loved his toy vacuum
  15. How much Oliver loved his toy stroller
  16. Mom's cheerful voice when she answers the phone
  17. Crossing an item off a list
  18. Someone unexpectedly talking about my blog
  19. Seeing new journals at Barnes
  20. Cars that look like happy faces
  21. Talking to Michelle about Bates Motel
  22. Tiffany's blue
  23. Colorful sticky notes
  24. The pop and hiss of opening a soda can
  25. Baby lamb sounds

Saturday, September 16, 2017

1,000 Joys: Part 8.

  1. The pop of pen caps
  2. When someone tells me, "No worries."
  3. Afternoon baths
  4. Tiny owls
  5. Sugar Gliders
  6. Gold polka dots
  7. Faux peacock feathers
  8. Finding an unopened package of pens
  9. Finished chores
  10. Rereading A Little Princess and The Secret Garden
  11. Falling asleep before the fire
  12. Pajamas for Christmas
  13. Going somewhere like Barnes and recognizing myself
  14. The memory of Christmas at Pansy Cottage
  15. Anticipating pull-overs and cardigans
  16. Having more than one favorite color
  17. Pictures of cute cupcakes (I need a book)
  18. Heart-shaped glitter
  19. Comments on my blog
  20. The collage of cards by my bed
  21. Josh's short day--a shared nap!
  22. Reading poetry aloud
  23. Josh's chin
  24. Encouraging E-mails from Bruce
  25. Ribbon bookmarks

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

1,000 Joys: Part 7.

  1. Days of the week mats in hospital elevators
  2. AAA when a tire is flat
  3. Mom's crab dip
  4. The rubbery handles on my water bottles--easy to carry
  5. Cherry Sprite from Sonic
  6. Musical theatre--for me, it's like magic every time
  7. Amtrak daydreams
  8. The colorful drawer knobs on my awesome desk
  9. Surprising help from family members and friends
  10. A sheet of college-ruled paper
  11. Paper Source--the name does not express the shop's whimsy
  12. Papaya!--a gorgeous stationery and accessories company
  13. Tiny treasures in my Christmas stocking--one of the best bits of the year
  14. Someone's saying, "I'll  take care of it."
  15. My precious pink baby blanket, surprisingly sturdy all these years
  16. James Taylor's singing, "River."
  17. Composition books in their many forms
  18. Ice in a beverage
  19. People who are kind on the phone
  20. The fact that I've never wanted to try substances
  21. Oliver's being verbal
  22. Egg salad sandwiches
  23. Front-row seats to Phantom
  24. Grace
  25. Blue markers

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

1,000 Joys: Part 6.

  1. Rosebuds
  2. Josh's cursive
  3. The snowflake dishes Melissa gave me when I was eighteen
  4. The new tiny freckles around Oliver's nose
  5. Spotting Disney Princess items in stores
  6. Wild violets popping up in the grass
  7. Amy Brown's fairy art--a joyous teenage discovery
  8. The Dancing Moon shop in Boone
  9. Pentel metallic gel pens
  10. Gelly Roll Stardust pens
  11. The fox dress socks I gave to Josh
  12. The fun of choosing and giving gifts
  13. Cinnamon mints
  14. Cinnamon floss
  15. Fringe journals
  16. Honey-scented bubble bath
  17. Honey on warm, buttered biscuits
  18. Cracker Barrel with Mom
  19. TGI Fridays with Bruce
  20. MST3K with Josh
  21. My dad's taping my childhood plays (not that I want to watch them!)
  22. The overpowering scent of cinnamon in stores near the holidays
  23. The word wonder
  24. The word delight. The words taste like what they mean.
  25. Bubbles