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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Some Wishes.

  • More focus and determination
  • More Mary-Jane-style shoes
  • Finished taxes
  • To watch a movie every day
  • Too Faced Festival eyeshadow palette
  • Too Faced rainbow highlighter
  • A stay in a cabin with Mom, Keely, and Vicki
  • Calorie-free Reese Pieces
  • Mash House cheese grits every day
  • More Phantom, somehow!
  • Gorgeous handwriting
  • An end to breakouts
  • More courage
  • Ability to play the piano
  • A class on ancient Egypt
  • An in-home rollerskating rink--and my own skates
  • More books by my favorite authors
  • An online class with Francesca Lia Block
  • Hanging pots of hardy fuchsia
  • To take Oliver to a show and for it to go well
  • To have all my pictures and art back on the walls, safe from Oliver
  • More Italian journals
  • More kissing
  • An aquarium in my city
  • A quilt made of my old T-shirts
  • To see Sunset Boulevard again

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Restoration: Week 10.

This past weekend, we visited my family. I needed some Mama attention, and it was restorative. I also got to talk and laugh with my brother and restore connections with my other family members.

Mom and I went to see A Wrinkle in Time. The costumes, makeup, and acting restored my sense of wonder. Calvin inspired me especially: broken but so willing to take risks, embrace adventure, and soak up beauty.

I finished two books this past week. I'm still ahead on my goal!

In the Bible, I'm reading about Joshua. God's encouragement to Joshua caught my attention when I was a child, and the words restore my courage now.

As my therapist observed, I'm still "floating" because of my Phantom experience. I'm so grateful that it happened. I feel so extra-blessed. And everyone has been happy for me about it, and that restores those connections.

I cherish my restoration as a reader, and I pray nothing will take that from me.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Bold Reader: Week 10.

I finished two books this past week: The Cozy Life and Room. The former gave me a general idea of hygge, and I doubt I'll explore it further. I read Room on my phone, mostly on the treadmill. The perspective was impressive. Could I write as a five-year-old boy? I expected the book to be difficult, but after seeing the movie, I decided to give the book a chance. The aspect that actually bothered me most was Jack's skills. Even in captivity, he was years ahead of Oliver. That was a little heartbreaking.

I've been reading aloud poems from The Complete Book of Flower Fairies. I love reconnecting through the pictures. I loved those fairies almost like real friends when I was little. I want to honor my childhood self whenever I can.

I began another ebook: Gwendy's Button Box, a novella by Stephen King and one of his friends. I like Gwendy already.

I'm behind on Sleeping Beauties and a bit behind on the Bible. I'll catch up this week.

Books are anchoring me to Earth.

Monday, March 12, 2018


I saw old houses on our drive home from Charlotte yesterday. I wrote this:

I feel like exploring a big, empty old house. The old fireplaces that still hold ashes. Evidence of squatters (empty baked bean cans and an empty box of matches). Light fixtures and naked bulbs swinging. Creaking, cracking stairs. White sheets over strange shapes. Peeling paint and wallpaper. Strange little rooms. Crumpled paper. Rusty jacks and worn-down bears. A moth-eaten bridal veil. Candle wax on tables. Wavy windows. Dust a half-inch thick. A child's button-up shoe. Mice in every corner, too bold to hide and too stupid to fear me. Fear like a swallowed golf ball in my throat, my hand slick around a small flashlight.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Slumber Party.

If I had wishes to spare, I would wish for a sleepover with my best childhood friends.

We'd go to someone's house or to a hotel with a lot of space. We'd all have sleeping bags. And we would
  • Eat sunflower seeds while telling secrets
  • Play Murder in the Dark and the Killer card game
  • Exchange photos and pose for new ones (one of our moms would be around)
  • Watch Romeo and Juliet or a slightly scary movie
  • Give each other back rubs
  • Discuss color psychology and analyze each other's handwriting
  • Each bring party favors...mine would be pens of course
  • Whine about our bodies and complain to each other
  • Write to each other in autograph books or journals
  • Dig up our dreams and share them
What a wonder that would be!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Restoration: Week 9.

This past week, I've been learning more about hygge by reading The Cozy Life. I nearly finished the book.

I have a list of items about which I'm curious; I want to read about more of those. I'd like a DK book on ancient Egypt. I want to pursue learning. Life-long learning is awesome because the learner can choose the topics. But unlike learning in school, the learner has to rely solely on self-discipline.

I finished a book on capsule wardrobes. I'm grateful to have reading restored to me.

One of the most wonderful experiences of my life occurred on Saturday. I saw The Phantom of the Opera from the front row. The fire was hot, the chandelier fell from above us (farther than I thought it would fall!), and I could see Christine's lipstick and Carlotta's eye makeup. The costumes glittered. The voices were strong. The conductor was passionate. I bought the tickets last year and felt I'd have to wait forever. I knew it was probably a once-in-a-lifetime chance. I think I was grinning or my mouth was open the whole show. I went with Bruce, who was quite excited too. It was magnificent--that's the best word I can come up with for it. My soul feels a bit mended, and the colors in my mind are brighter.

Monday, March 5, 2018

A Bold Reader: Week 9.

This past week, I finished another book on capsule wardrobes, this one by Sophie Claire, on my phone. The book was a little better than the other I read on capsule wardrobes. I haven't read many ebooks, but I love the ease of reading on my phone while I'm on the treadmill, in a waiting room, or just stuck somewhere without a book.

GoodReads sends me notices when a book on my to-read list is on sale. I bought two ebooks for $1.99 each.

I caught up on my Daily Bible! Now, I just need to keep up.

I'm still reading aloud three books of poetry. Josh is a fan of Rita Dove too, so he may want to read her Selected Poems when I finish it. I like it when we have read the same books.

I need to do better with my children's literature focus. I only have a few weeks left. Of course, I can continue with those books as I start young adult literature in the spring. Maybe this week I can finish the American Girl Felicity story collection. I don't want to save any books for another season; I can always find more.

Reading is like moving slowly through cool water with the sun shimmering on it.

I'm so thankful for books.