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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Trivial Quirks.

  • When I'm shopping, and I like an item, I like to carry it around the store for a while. Then, I can easily decide whether or not to buy it.
  • I have three composition books that I'm slowly filling with my favorite quotations, images, poetry lines, and other book bits. I feel like I can keep the best bits of the books I've read. I have a fourth composition book that is full.
  • When I buy a journal or get one as a gift, I usually write when, where, and with whom I bought the journal or who gave it to me. I love remembering, especially if I don't use the journal right away.
  • I use coffee mugs primarily to hold pens, sometimes divided by color. Once, my mom couldn't find a mug for her coffee. I think she washed out a pen mug.
  • I don't generally drink coffee. But I do like iced peppermint mocha. I don't really like hot drinks.
  • I struggle with wearing my clothes backward or inside-out.
  • I use a lot of made-up words in conversation with those closest to me. Some are entirely made-up; many are baby words of mine and my brother's.
  • I like to take baths during the day.
  • When something in a store overwhelms me, I sometimes sit down right on the floor.
  • I can listen to a new favorite song on repeat for a long time.
  • I drink several liters of water a day.
  • I almost always prefer a spoon over a fork.
  • I like to keep on display photos in which I look really happy. It's a good reminder, and it gives me hope.
  • I've never lit a match. I think I'm afraid of burning myself.
  • I can recite segments of many movies, even those I've not seen in years.
  • I write my lowercase A's in two ways, interchangeably. A student once asked me why; I had no answer.
  • I don't put milk in my cereal.
  • I prefer most of my food plain.
  • I know a lot of movie and theatre trivia.
  • I could go to an aquarium every day.
  • I sing and make up songs at random.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Favorite Songs.

Some of my favorite songs, not necessarily in order:
  1. "Hysteria" by Def Leppard
  2. "One Sweet Love" by Sara Bareilles
  3. Title Songs from The Phantom of the Opera
  4. "Stay with You" by Goo Goo Dolls
  5. "Trial by Fire" by Journey
  6. "Melody" by Steve Perry
  7. "If I Can't Love Her" from Beauty and the Beast on Broadway
  8. "The Beauty Underneath" from Love Never Dies
  9. "I Want It All" by Edwin McCain
  10. "There's Me" from the Starlight Express concept album
  11. "Mandolin Rain" by Bruce Hornsby
  12. "When Love and Hate Collide" by Def Leppard
  13. "Between the Lines" by Sara Bareilles
  14. "What about Us" by John Barrowman
  15. "Waiting in Vain" by Annie Lennox
  16. "Flying Away" from Fun Home
  17. "Nobody Ever" by Steven Curtis Chapman
  18. "You Must Love Me" from Evita
  19. "Falling Back to Me" by Our Lady Peace
  20. "Out of Touch" by Hall and Oates
  21. "Another Rainy Day" by Corinne Bailey Rae
  22. "Paris Nights and New York Mornings" by Corinne Bailey Rae
  23. "I Don't Let It End" by Styx
  24. "Send Her My Love" by Journey
  25. "Can't Take It In" by Imogen Heap

Thursday, November 16, 2017

1,000 Joys: Part 37.

  1. Pens color-coordinated in cubbies
  2. The scent of lilac (partly because my mom likes it)
  3. The character Jean-Luc Picard
  4. Singing Broadway show tunes in the car with Bruce
  5. Oliver's great love for an ivy-print comforter
  6. Our guest room full of books
  7. Giant glass bottles of bubble bath
  8. The rhinestones on the glasses Mom gave me
  9. Emptying an ink cartridge
  10. The quilt my sister-in-law made for Oliver
  11. White or black marble
  12. Well-headed indoor pools
  13. Showing Bruce more about fountain pens
  14. Helping others learn something I know or do well
  15. Thick multi-colored polka dot socks
  16. Unexpected positive reactions to my posts
  17. A royal blue double ribbon bookmark
  18. A memory of a bookmark with baby unicorns at an elementary school bookfair
  19. Cheap Joe's Art Stuff
  20. Buying a fistful of Gelly Roll pens at Cheap Joe's
  21. Mini bagels with honey
  22. Josh's surprising me with Broadway references
  23. Singing silly songs with my brother
  24. American Girl catalogs
  25. My black glittens

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Never Save.

Never save joys for later. New joys will come when old ones expire. Don't miss what is left before you by hiding it in a box under your bed. It may turn to dust. Some form of light is available in every day. We are ungrateful and self-punishing when we don't seize that light.

Here are some ideas to consider:
  • Wear the jewelry. I used to be afraid to wear the ring my parents gave me when I finished grad school. I was so afraid of breaking or losing the ring, so I kept it in its box for years. Now, I wear it often, right alongside my costume jewelry rings. Even if something bad does happen, a little time of actually wearing it is better than a long time of keeping it in the box.
  • Don't save costume jewelry for special occasions. Wear your favorite necklace with jeans.
  • Use your best dishes on ordinary days. I have a beautifully painted set of dessert plates, and I eat sandwiches off them.
  • Don't save the most delicious book. Dive in now and then find another book for vacation.
  • Don't stop using your favorite eyeshadow because you hit the pan. Keep enjoying it; you'll find a new favorite when the shadow is gone.
  • Don't reserve clothes and shoes for work. I was awful about doing this. Enjoy them whenever you can.
  • Go ahead and eat the piece of chocolate. Your future self will find her own.
  • Don't save a beautiful journal for pristine, brilliant thoughts. Your thoughts are beautiful now.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Stuff I'm a Little Obsessed with Right Now.

  • Leslie Jones. She's hilarious!
  • Dan Stevens. He's the beast prince! Of course I adore him.
  • Transformation and Kiss Scene in Beauty and the Beast--just a satisfying moment on YouTube.
  • Sparkly makeup and applying as much as possible--going over regular eyeliner with gold glitter liner.
  • Using beauty samples--finally using what I've stashed away.
  • Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V5 Grip--my favorite pen of the moment
  • Josh. I miss him intensely when he's away
  • Pink and gold--gorgeous apart and together. I want to add more of both to my life.

I'm not even mentioning all the constant or easily-revived obsessions like seahorses, fairies, mermaids, pens in general, journals, theatre (Phantom especially), necklaces, glitter in general...

Monday, November 13, 2017

1,000 Joys: Part 36.

  1. Working on Christmas shopping
  2. Checking someone off my gift list
  3. Dark butterflies
  4. Checking something off my list using a different color
  5. Eucalyptus Tea scent in Bruce's living room
  6. Showing off a new funny video
  7. Mom's getting up in the night to give me meds
  8. My dad's sounding happy to talk to me on the phone
  9. Dropping a bill payment in the mail slot
  10. A cold bottle of water handed to me
  11. Chipping away at a huge book of poetry
  12. Re-reading a beloved book
  13. Sitting up in bed
  14. People who give me pens. Any kind.
  15. Josh's remembering to bring my blanket on a trip
  16. Cold Cherry Coke
  17. The thought of touching a seahorse
  18. Sharing a goal with someone
  19. My hair, new red even without sunlight
  20. Deep conditioning hair masks
  21. Mac and cheese with broccoli--best comfort food
  22. Unexpectedly painless hours
  23. Valentine's Day dish towels
  24. "Accidental" glitter spills
  25. Purple sequin flats

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Week 3 as a Bold Reader.

A few weeks ago, I made a goal to read deeply and widely and not to let fear slow me.

I wish I had more to report. But I did finish Long Division, and I enjoyed reading it aloud in the bath.

I'm still reading Donald Hall's poem aloud, one or two at a time.

I started Tracy K. Smith's poems Duende. I'm close to halfway through it. Again, I'm reading it aloud in the bathtub.

I want to get back to being able to read regardless of what's happening around me. Josh is really good at that.

The apartment is cold, which makes me want to snuggle up with a blanket and a book. I hope that feeling will help me rebuild good reading habits.

I got my wisdom teeth taken out this wee, so I guess I should be more excited that I've read at all.

I am feeling less intimidated when I encounter a book of poetry. That's good because I'm running out of slim volumes at home.

Josh has been reading books of poetry as I finish them. I just place them on his nightstand. I like that we are absorbing the same words and images. That has to keep us closer somehow.