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Monday, August 1, 2011

I Wouldn't Mind Looking Like Her.

Looking over what we find beautiful and what shaped that is interesting. It alters the way we see ourselves, the clothes we pick, and the hair styles we choose. I was usually drawn to soulful, mysterious brunettes, knowing that I'd never be a bombshell or lithe blond. A couple of redheads are here--I must identify with the pale skin.

Carey Mulligan

Where did I first see her? I'd already seen Pride and Prejudice and Bleak House, but I saw her in Vogue, I think, and made a mental note to see An Education. The Greatest and Never Let Me Go have become two of my favorites, and I watched them just because of her. I also credit her with prompting me to read Never Let Me Go, which was incredible. I lent it to Mom, and when she's done with it, it's going in my favorite books cabinet. Plus, Mulligan was in Doctor Who--a freaking scary episode! And she can really rock the pixie.

 (Image: Wall Street Can I get this whole look please?

 (Image: An Education

Liv Tyler
I'm not sure when this started though Stealing Beauty is a favorite (I remember seeing the poster at a tiny video store in the town where I grew up, and I thought it must be a very dirty movie). Of course, she's stunning as an elf.


 (Image: Lord of the Rings

 (Image: The Lord of the Rings

Bryce Dallas Howard

Lady in the Water was such a fascinating fairy tale, and that led me to The Village and so on.




Eva Green

I actually have an aunt who looks just like her minus the harsh edge Green usually has. Josh and I went to see Casino Royale in theaters (we've seen few movies in theaters). I guess that was pretty early on for us.


Natalie Portman

My middle school/high school boyfriend was in love with her, so I figured she must be the ideal beauty. She is lovely.

Rachel Hurd Wood

I can't wait to watch Peter Pan with Oliver. I recognized Wood when Josh and I watched Dorian Gray, and then we finally watched Perfume. Josh has developed a nice little crush. She is haunting in her prettiness, so some of her roles aren't surprising.

Rachel Weisz
I must have been about thirteen when The Mummy came out, and I thought Evie was just gorgeous. My favorite movie of hers is probably The Fountain.


 Who helped shape your idea of beauty?


  1. Kate Winslet! Also The Fountain is one of my all time favorite movies. Rachel is also great in The Brothers Bloom. Oh, and Julie Delpy. I am also a huge Marilyn Monroe fan, but who isn't?

  2. A lot of people don't agree with my choice, but I think Angelina Jolie is gorgeous. She has a style that really speaks to her personality and I admire the way she has a strong idea of who she is. I also think Amy Lee from Evanescence is beautiful as well as Kate Middleton (or Catherine now).