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Sunday, May 21, 2017

My Unrealistic Wish List!

  • Always-swift reading ability.
  • A box of each Sunburst Metallic Gel pen color.
  • A sudden ability to play the piano.
  • A sudden ability to play the bass guitar (or at least the bass for "Money for Nothing").
  • A large collection of all the discontinued Dark Stardust Gelly Roll pens.
  • A long visit to English with lots of walking about.
  • Perfect pronunciation.
  • A night or two alone with Josh in a fancy hotel.
  • A week at Disney World with a happy Oliver (and money for souvenirs!).
  • Quick travel to visit Melissa.
  • All the books on my GoodReads want-to-read list.
  • Perfectly painted nails at all times with no action or effort from me.
  • Chocolate-covered strawberries always in  my fridge.
  • Always having room (and spare calories) for dessert.
  • A small collection of 10-inch Cisette Madame Alexander dolls.
  • Blue Moon Cafe's chocolate and brie croissant paninis always available.
  • Clothes that put themselves away (by color!).
  • Regular massages with oils that don't give me a rash.
  • Pretty, practical storage for all my jewelry.
  • To read a magazine every day and then donate it (unless it's really special, of course).
  • Frequent roller skating.
  • Never needing to wake up before 7.
  • Being in control of when I fall asleep.
  • A sugar glider.
  • Seahorses...and someone to take care of them.
  • A collage in my room of all Bella Pilar's greeting cards.
  • Endless Target gift cards.
  • Spreadable brie any time (it's often out of stock).
  • A sudden appreciation of hot and cold tea.
  • Tickets to Phantom  in surrounding cities.
  • Precise makeup application with my own flair every time.
  • Hair that stays dyed and trimmed.
  • Lollia bubble baths.
  • That Bruce and I will always live near each other.
  • A full-size Sephora in our city.
  • A Paper Source in our city.
  • A Papyrus in our city.
  • Reaching and maintaining my good weight.
  • Unlimited funds to buy other people gifts.
  • An annual mountain trip with Keely.
  • Easy, present storage of my journals.
  • Free access to beauty and stationery subscription boxes.
  • The return of the faux marble pens I loved in 6th grade.
  • The sudden ability to play the clarinet.
  • The ability to see a whole room in one color.

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